Friday, May 2, 2014


Exciting new collections for the outdoor from Ego Paris and Living Divani

New for 2014

Extrados by Ego Paris

Extrados extendable dining table with modular center inserts by Ego Paris

Filo sofa and Poncho lounge chairs from Living Divani

EGO Paris Tandem series sunlounger

EGO Paris Tandem series sunloungers

EGO Paris Kama series modular outdoor seating

EGO Paris Kama series modular seats reconfigured

EGO Paris Tandem series dining chairs and tables

EGO Paris Kama series composition


The EGO Paris collection is new for Graye and the decision to bring this
collection in was an easy one. Great modern lines without becoming
severe, and crafted by hand in France to exceptional standards. The
entire collection is quite nice, but the Kama series is particularly impressive.
Unlike most outdoor sofa frames in this category what I most appreciate about the Ego Kama
is a single, shaped and welded body construction not a pieced together assembly of
bars and parts. Its rounded design detail is not only visually appealing, it reduces
those hard corners, so no scrapes or scratches. Add on a baked powdercoat
finish and a robust and strong slat base for ventilation and water passage.

Check out their video presentation of the Kama frames being hand built!

And the bonus video showing how the cushions can be rearranged with ease.

Contact GRAYE anytime, or stop into our showroom in Los Angeles.

Additional outdoor collections available at Graye

Living Divani 'extrawall outdoor' modular seating by Piero Lissoni

Living Divani 'Bubble Rock' outdoor seating by Piero Lissoni

Living Divani 'Jelly' table and 'Cafe' chairs for outdoor by Piero Lissoni

Prandina 'Equilibre' outdoor floor lamp

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Image and identity courtesy of

Living Divani, Italy.



2017 update....the evolution continues with stunning results!

ROD BEAN - radial modular seating system by Piero Lissoni 2017

ROD Bean _ Salone del Mobile 2017. des. Piero Lissoni
New curved modular elements for the Rod system!

AGRA seating for indoor and outdoor by David Lopez Quincoces 2016

Dumas seating by Piero Lissoni 2016

ROD modular seating system by Piero Lissoni 2016

NEOWALL bed by Piero Lissoni 2017

Piero Lissoni extrawall
The now classic Extrawall seating system by Piero Lissoni.

FROG lounge seating by Piero Lissoni des. 1995

Lipp bed

EasyLipp seating by Piero Lissoni

EasyLipp seating by Piero Lissoni

EasyLipp seating system by Piero Lissoni

Extrasoft in leather by Piero Lissoni for Living Divani

George's chairs and Brazilia table by David Lopez Quincoces 2015

Extrasoft modular seating system by Piero Lissoni 2008
An exciting, dynamic and versatile model that will always be on display at Graye

MetroCubo by Piero Lissoni 2013
A 'soft' revisiting of his now classic Metro_2 seating system
ROD sofa by Piero Lissoni 2012

Living Divani Extrasoft pelle - Piero Lissoni 2008


Living Divani Extrawall - Piero Lissoni 2002

Living Divani Softwall - Piero Lissoni 2006

Living Divani Extrawall - Piero Lissoni 2002
At the Palazzo Visconti Milano

For some the image is effortless. Living Divani, a family run furniture house in Northern Italy,
brings modern elegance to any space.